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Saturday, November 18th, 2023


I had no opportunity to touch nature today, other than the five kilometre brisk walk from Union Station to the ashram. Yes, it was fresh and early. Our train from Ottawa left us still for over two hours near Pickering, which landed us at our destination at 1:30 am. I wheeled my suitcase once again down the stretch. Good for wheels. Good for legs.

Planned for the day was two home visits where both parties expressed the desire for lamp offerings to the figurines of Krishna and Yasodha, His mom. Because days are short and the dark appears early, having the presence of tiny lamps gives a pleasant ambiance. For further light moments I read from the Bhagavatam at the home of Bhakti Yoga, whose place is at a cliff’s edge, next to Hwy 401, the expressway that many motorists love to hate. Bhakti Yoga and I go way back, when, as brahmacaris (monks) we traveled around in a van going from town to town to fulfill a prophecy that every hamlet would be in touch with Krishna.

A second visit was at the home of Nimai Nitai. Once again, lamps were offered to Krishna and we sang the ever-enchanting Damodarastaka, wich is so popular in this month of Kartik. It was coincidental that the meal was Italian cuisine in both homes. More or less, it was the colour red. Some deep questions arose from our conversations. We really could have gone on forever relishing each other’s company, but some of us need to rise early.

In one regard we did touch nature, because hearts were touched.

5 km

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