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Friday, July 7th, 2023

Montreal, Quebec

Our bus for the Krishna Culture Festival Tour is up for some repair, and while that's going on, business is as usual with morning sadhana, a spiritual workout. The local devotees are rather occupied with the Chariot Fest preparations. I am gleefully involved with our bus crew with kirtan and class.

The class was based on Canto 10 to do with the cruel King Kamsa Driving the chariot of his newly married sister and brother-in-law. He had just heard an ethereal voice that prophesized his death. He was extremely defensive, and the story goes on. Somehow or other, my theme on this story was about protection. I spoke about how an actual Vedic king's responsibility was to protect all citizens which included women, children, the elderly, animals, even trees, plants, grass.

“To offer protection to various sectors of society, it requires real commitment on the part of the protectors.”

In my delivery I stuck by that word ‘commitment’ – about setting goals, starting a worthy project and follow through, and seeing to its completion. The result of the talk was that one of the listeners came to see me, so this person and I indulged in what that actually looks like. It was a reinforcement of what our guru taught us.

I had to cancel one of my Gita Chat Zoom calls but was able to preserve my Friday night commitment. The verse we discussed from the Gita, chapter 2, was about being aware that anyone of our senses can carry away our intelligence like a boat being swept away by the wind. A great image really!

7 km

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