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Sunday, February 25th, 2024

Mayapura, West Bengal

I think we've all had the experience. Someone comes to mind that you've known and you haven't seen or heard of them for years and shortly after his/her image pops up mentally, they suddenly appear physically.

That was the case of Udayananda, tall, healthy looking and extroverted boy from Detroit. There he was, much older than when I last saw him, in the session of the morning called tulasi puja, when we worship or honour the sacred green.

With Udayananda, dear friend.

I invited him to our japa, meditative walk after a big stretched out hug, (By the way, as older guys are more into hugging these days than getting down onto the floor level. It's easier). Our destination was the goshala where the cows and bulls are so well attended to. I mentioned to Uday that in my opinion the goshala is the quietest place in the whole of Mayapura. "Seriously" I said.

Our group and I went around putting and adoring and taking note that each animal has his or her own personality.

We ended up walking by the pilgrims standing outside the tourist bus. Friendly they are but not very neat. Too much trash, but that is not unique to the country of Mother India. She deserved better. India, Bharat, is a place that contains Mayapura. It is a gorgeous land with so many beautiful and intelligent people.

View from the new hospital extension.

One day she will be reinstated as a major influence in the world.

Thank you, our dear guru, Prabhupada, for your bravery, integrity and purity in being a major clause for pulling out the best that India has to offer.

Massive extension to Mayapura's hospital.
6 km

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