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Thursday, March 9th, 2023

Queen's Park, Toronto

Queen’s Park has become one of the most popular spots to go for kirtan, meeting people and doing book sales. Why? The legislative building for the province of Ontario is just South of the park, and the greenspace (now snow white) is at the core of the nation's largest university, U of T. Thoughtful people come here. They walk through the multi tread area to go from classroom to classroom. One other advantage to this destination is that it is a mere one and a half kilometres from our ashram.

It was just a few minutes shy of 2:00 pm when Gabriel strummed his guitar at the base of King Edward VII equestrian statue, when the magic for the afternoon began period from then, the mantra was inserted by Gabriel, myself, and the girls from Bhakti Academy, while the boys, armed with packaged books by Srila Prabhupada, stood, waited, and chatted with those thoughtful people as mentioned. Bhakta Leo was particularly excited to get books out.

One oriental chap nearby was dancing up a storm to the music on his headphones, and another fellow of the white stock was bluesing it away on his guitar on a bench. A woman into crystals stopped to hear Nikil speak about the immortal message of the Gita. a videographer came along admiring the chanters by King Edward VII, and asked if he could film.

“Sure,” was the remark. The thought was that if anyone hears the mantra, they get benefited. To take up some duties I left the group early, but saw one of the students, a recipient of one of the book packets, reading the Gita.

6 km
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