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Friday, June 28th 2024

Christie Pits, Toronto

They are all in season and so I let Uday, my walking friend, know what the city has to offer. It started off with cherries, ripe and delicious, hanging from a tree in front of a gorgeous Victorian home. Then I treated him to a mulberry tree of which there are many in the residential areas. Finally, a Saskatoon tree, fleshy and tasty, was Uday's favourite. Krishna is kind.

It was all knew to him. You can call it an education walk - an education about fruit.

When we came to that Saskatoon tree I sat down for my gayatri mantra break. He continued to much along. Across the street was a bar which has its window doors swivelled open. The group drinking by the exposed side were watching us. They were caucasian, bearded, and loving us as we completed the mantra and the munch. Reverentially they hollered, uttering, "Namaste!"

That was nice of them.

Barbara had two bags in her hand. She has been shopping. I recognized her from her visits from temple. "Barbara!"

"Oh yes, Hare Krishna!"

We talked. You know Friday night in the summer is special, whether sun or cloud.

When Uday and I reached our termination point at the park we sat for ten minutes at a beach with a maple tree in front of me. The tree can practically be also considered a fruit tree.

"That gives juice-sap!"

Our walk has been a time for looking, tasting and dreaming. We did a bit of tasting. Much juice came from berries. Then one lad came to us, our of the blue, who said, "I love you guys. I gotta pee. My mama said when I was 4 you're a man you can pee anywhere". So he went somewhere to release his juice.

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Looking, tasting and dreaming - magical walk !

Hare Krishna

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