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Tuesday, November 28th, 2023


Many people go in life on a drab routine hoping for a breath of fresh air, some break. For me, I get it all the time. I’m blessed. 

Cuban born Ganganath, and I, are embarking on my yearly trip to the land of controversy. Of course, there’s sun, sand, good weather (at this time of year) and sweet people. We are anticipating to touch some nice souls. To do that Ganga stuffed our suitcase with beautiful gifts – books. Those books are bricks of gold. We have Spanish and English versions of books – the Gita, Science of Self-Realization, Coming Back, Karma and more.

Were we a bit concerned about bringing them over? Sure, to some degree, but both us are yoga teachers and these are our books to teach from. We have family and friends expecting presents. 

The trip to Varadero by plane from either Toronto or Montreal is only three hours south. We left at 3° celsius and arrived in the dark at 23° celsius. The humidity is felt and it is smelt.

Customs went swiftly but the authorities were curious about the books so our contents were explored. Fortunately our “gifts” were not a threat. And they certainly are not. Anyone who opens up these little treasure chests and applies them can surely benefit. 

In fact there was great interest at the security. “Tu eres un monje?” Are you a monk? And then more was said in Español about needing peace in a stressed world. That was relieving. I was worried for a bit and called on the mantra.

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