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Saturday, February 24th, 2024

Mayapura, West Bengal

In these days of devices and screens one is expected to use or maybe over overuse them. I'm enjoying myself in the spring weather of Bengal when especially this year we are encountering the most pleasant breezes yet still it is hard to stay away altogether from a cell phone which does almost everything one needs for the community. One of my actors from Africa needed me to record his lines for the proper pacing in order to hear it over headphones again and again to get his part down as best as possible.

No problem for me.

One of my student disciples from Guyana, Saci Suta, was getting married today and requested some message from me. So for Saci and the bride, Sandhya, I left a three minute word of congratulations and advice.

Happy to do that too.

Service or duties these days are rendered through machines and that's where we are at the present time. I even caught Krishna das, my dear friend from Canada, saying over lunch, that Artificial Intelligence will take care of shaping the perfect movie stars where there might not be a need for Academy Awards in the future since film stars will be "not real people". Engineering is already doing some of that.

While I see the value of technological advancement I'm going to continue to enjoy the raw organic world for as long as I can.

Let me hug a tree.

5 km

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