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Friday, February 3rd, 2023

Mayapura, West Bengal, India

One of my favourite places to be in these grounds is at the Pushpa Samadhi, whether inside or outside, but it is that 4:10 time slot in the morning that is absolutely magical. One small incident on this day added in a little colour to the fantasy.


Today was the birthday of the great saint, Nityananda, and I had the fortune to lead the kirtan, which lasts about fifteen minutes. I positioned myself a bit closer to the back of the interior, which is what is done in the crowded Radha Madhava temple room. I find it to be the best place, acoustically. I tried singing from the heart, maximizing voice over a low-toned drum. I thought my acapella wasn’t bad – a clear, loud voice. I tried for a calm, chilled approach, evading any passionate pacing for dance, as well.

Once the kirtan was over, one ‘Mother Superior’ type came to me from the front of the altar and said, “I couldn’t hear you. You can use the mice in the future.” She left. I wasn’t in the mood to confront or argue. Clearly though, she made so much noise with these shakers during the kirtan, unaware that the acoustics are such that sound is often agitated under the dome. She needs to be corrected, I feel.

Oh well, the day went well otherwise. I took our group to the Yoga Pith, the place of Chaitanya’s birth. I read poetry to a couple from South Africa. We rehearsed hard. Two volunteer actors joined our group, which completes our actor needs.

The monkeys here are active, and they remind us of what we were before.

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