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Saturday, May 20th, 2023

David Balfour Park, Toronto

My good friend, Kalakantha, has come to visit us to offer his association and to launch a book, Gitar Gan, which is actually an English version of the Gita put to rhyme. It is translated from our guru’s Bengali poem of the 700-verse philosophical masterpiece. No one has bothered to tackle a translation of Prabhupada's text until now. Of course, no one can really claim this holy dialogue except for Krishna, Himself, but certainly wholesome practitioners of bhakti can take the liberty to present this text in terms that become relevant to the audience.

Thank you, Kalakantha!

I explained to Nikhil who often offers a foot massage at night, that I must spend a certain amount of time every day to think, to listen, to praise, and so today, I also found my dear devotee assistant, Rajasuya, who just lost his father-in-law to departing from this world. Bless his soul, Kishor. And since another relative of his (actually, his wife, Surabhi’s) whose aunt passed away days later, the call was a double consolation. This type of reaching out is but an organic response to friends in the community and a monk’s obligation.

After dealing with such human issues, it was time for a forest bath, so Vallabh and I hit the trail at a ravine near David Balfour Park. This type of bath is always relieving. Thank you, Krishna, for the forest. And thank you, Nikil, for the massage.

3 km
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