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Sunday, March 10th, 2024

Mayapura, West Bengal

3.4.28 was the verse I spoke from the book Bhagavatam to the assembly of devotees in the main temple hall. Do I get nervous in front of a crowd like that? Yes, bit not in past years. I'm much more relaxed these days since I'm doing what I like to do - the drama. I will tense up more when I have seniors or even peers in front of me. Yes, after all these years in the bhakti community I still get intense or bodily conscious. I suppose I carry a lot of respect for my god-brothers. They work hard, and have for years. Many of them are brilliant and are so skilled in their different areas and have succeeded in building their empires. So I get humbled in front of them.

Fortunate for all in the hall the messages I conveyed from the Bhagavatam were well received by the crowd. I didn't see one eye-lid shut down. And furthermore, it just so happened that the class became so interactive. Senior persons like Malati, Ramesvara, Maha Maya and Mahatma came forth individually giving their testimonies of what personal instructions came to them from our dear guru, Prabhupada. Oh! it seemed it was all a crowd pleaser. Finally since I touched on the topic of gossip, I read my poem, "Loose Tongue Monster". That gave colour.

By evening I was quite high in optimism. Our performance of "The Age of Kali" was the best yet.

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