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Updated: Mar 19

Thursday, March 14th, 2024

Kolkkata/ Noida, India

As one leaves the dham (sacred space) one enters into the damned. Traffic in India, like in so many places in today's world, is horrendous. Even our blessed Mayapura, pride place of the pure is getting threatened by motorized monsters. In fact before I left Mayapura I was able to catch the ear of Braj Vilas, one of the principle administrators of Mayapura. He admitted to walking everywhere and with no claim to a conveyance.

"If we don't carve out pedestrian walk-ways now in the plans, then how is Mayapura any different than the rest of "Incredible India," I questioned him. "The walkway to the elephants and the boys' school is narrow and is ridden with motorbikes."

He said he would do something about it. Now, down on the major road to the Kolkata Airport, one of our drama troupe members and I are contending with the battle-neck effect of traffic. Our driver was good. Any driver who moves responsibly wins my heart. He must be blessed by Krishna, the greatest maneuverer of all times. I'm referring His skills as the chariot driver of Arjuna.

The optics we see are big Tata trucks with bold words, "Horn Please" or "Blow Horn" painted at their rear. Then airports at Kolkata, Delhi, another drive to Noida. Pizza. Bed. Day Gone.

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