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Friday, March 15th, 2024

Noida, India

I first visited Iskcon Noida ten years ago at its opening. It was a grand event. Since that time the community of devotees has grown. Two new floors are being added to the existing building. And it was just by accident that I was observing the construction in an unusual way.

The morning program of sadhana was over. It included a walk in a newly renoved Shiva park and my class on the Bhagavatam, the story of Kuvera's partying on some liquor. Basically that discussion delved into the tragedy of alcoholism. It was late morning when Ram Lila of Nova Scotia came to visit me in my room on the 4th story when a red brick suspended by a rope was making its way slowly downward. From my veranda you could see this odd brick wrapped around. Five minutes later a grouping off metal studs were doing up by way of rope. It was obvious that there were "men at work" at operations without a crane, making it questionable. Perhaps its my prejudice against a developing notion. Anyway that movement of materials floating in the air was entertaining. It spells "progress".

By late afternoon I was reunited by the other actors who flew in from Kolkata. We all participated in a sangha at the home of Buddhimanta, who is so enthusiastic at having our group to be at this home and his temple. Buddhi has a son who resembles Ronaldo, the famous football player. The guys in the group were flabbergasted. Life is never dull in Krishna Consciousness.

Buddhi is on the left with the rest of our crew.
4 km

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