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Tuesday, July 11th, 2023

Toronto, Ontario

Once a week, we adhere to the divine words of our guru, Prabhupada, In a place of a live class by one of our resident devotees. This is always special because we firmly believe in the purging that comes from hearing from a pure source, our undisputed founder and teacher. Whenever we sit down to see some recorded talk from him, you know that within those on the average 25 minutes, so much detail has been disseminated on the science of the self. That great gift that he has of sharing from shastra (scripture) is meant for human wellness.

I was unfortunate to miss some of his pravachan (talk) because I was pulled out of the class to get to the kitchen. It was an emergency! The normal cook had not turned up. So basically, I volunteered to rush in and do the needful – cook the kichari. Everyone has to eat, especially the Festival of India crew who arrived from the United States. By 8:00 AM, they were prepared to leave for the destination of the Toronto Islands where festive tents were to be erected for the weekend Chariot Fest.

Well, they got their kichari, a delicious mix of rice, dahl, beans, and veggies. Turmeric, cumin, fresh ginger, Himalayan salt, all gave it that curried flavour.

That kichari fuelled me also for the six-hour play rehearsal destined for the day. It's quite a chore trying to bring out the best in the individual actor. The unique thing occurred in the course of drama practice. The evening cook also didn't show up, so I rushed into that kitchen once again to address a need. It was indeed fun. Few people see me with an apron on.

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