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Friday, September 8th, 2023

Halifax, Nova Scotia

The parties don't end. I have no problem with it. The worst thing is the overload of food at such events. Fortunately for those of us who 'wined and dined', so to speak, at today's remembrance of our guru, it was not the case. Our food intake and amount of preparations in the form of prasadam was just right in quantity.

The annual program for homage to our guru, Prabhupada, is no mundane engagement. It is the holiest you can get. Even the thought of paying back the spiritual master is no laughing matter. Expressing gratitude in some way will always come across as modest. Any attempt is an obligation.

We did our best at the location of the shady Dingle Park at a gazebo, singing the "Guruvastakam" while offering an arati to a murti (statue) of Srila Prabhupada. And while this was going on, out of the woodwork (the actual woods) came a man (about 70), Caucasian, in pranam gesture, right to our quaint ritual. A new Buddhist, as he put it, he was drawn to the different sound and literally the beat of a different drum – the mridanga. It is not that we have to be totally secretive with our expressions of love in praise of teacher. In fact, this morning in meditation mode, I managed to cover 9 km on the BTL Trail, and also a merge of the Trans-Canada Highway, amidst birch and tamarack trees. It was my time to dwell on guru.

Our nighttime venue for more of the some praise was held at the School of Theology with the main attraction of kirtan. Glories to guru and Gauranga.

9 km

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