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Updated: Mar 4, 2023

Sunday, February 26th, 2023

Vrindavan, India

What if someone is about to leave their body within days/hours? If he/she has the capacity to choose environment, company, food, what to listen to, etc. they have some advantage.

In the case of my dear friend, Kadambha Kanana Swami, who decided to only live on water before leaving, I think he has made a wise choice. By his desire, those who know him and love him converge for these last days at his residential location from 4 - 6 for chanting. I managed to get to see him prior to that time. I know he’s not going to be with us for long. I clutched onto his left hand, leaning by his side as he lay. He said he has pain in various areas from cancer. It is hard for him to sleep. He can speak well and his grip on my hand was fairly firm.

He and I spoke of the past, especially about his administration duties. As president of the ISKCON temple in Vrindavan at the age of 25, he dealt with some rough stuff. During his effort to clean up illicit and irregular activities, a culprit sent a bullet to his body. We also reminisced on our times in South Africa, particularly in Soweto, where he began incredible programs for outreach to the Indigenous Zulu community. He brought me on board. He has been most active and successful in transforming people’s lives to the positive alternative of Krishna consciousness.

Prior to this endearing chat, our crew attended the gorgeous wedding of Vallabha Hari and Katie. In the last year, Vallabha and I have become quite close. He has been a great help for me in Toronto, especially during my knee operation.


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