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Tuesday, April 9th, 2024

Mauritius/ Dubai

There is a two holiday for students in Mauritius and on top of that people are enjoying a public holiday. It is the New year for people of Telugu, Marathi and other origins. That then explained the beautiful turn out for sadhana on the beach which includes the 4 km walk, singing to the guru, Prabhupada, on the sand, the swim with our Hari Ball game and finally breaking bread, rather a feast.

Since it is a reflection time, being a year to open up, I suggested after our circle dance, everyone write into the sand a message of good will, and then go around and read each person’s message.

On three occasions, I spoke about the importance of bonding and the co-operative spirit that works so well in all circumstances, what to speak of such an approach amongst practitioners of Bhakti yoga. After all yoga means to reconnect or to unite. At the Belle Mare beach, the picnic spot and the Mauritius Airport, I emphasized team work. Things just get done under the premise. 

On the Emirates flight I chose to view the film “Napoleon.” I was impressed! I am extremely selective in movie watching which is rare enough for me. I watch history. Napoleon is praised for being an expert war strategist which explains the 61 wards he fought and almost won. It’s all about team building. It looks to me like he lost his touch near the end and lived in exile on St. Helena Island. The film production itself required incredible organizational skills. Any projects executed, especially for spiritual purposes, requires co-operation.  

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