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Friday, March 3rd, 2023

Toronto, Ontario

Acclimating to the cold is fairly easy for me. Apparently, several centimetres were to land on surfaces in all directions on this day. Sure enough, a storm hit delivering generous amounts of the white magic. It came down quite fiercely. It’s humbling.

I am looking forward to some walking once it clears somewhat.

I was so touched that members of our Bhakti Academy are alternating at giving classes for the Bhagavatam session. In my absence, the program has been going on. Today’s presenter was Leo who comes from a Ukrainian background. He studies astrology on top of the regular devotional sessions. I snuck in to listen. From what I could gather, he’s done his homework. He was speaking on the infrastructure established by Sri Krishna – the varna and ashram system. It addresses the four social types of humans and the four spiritual orders.

Good job done, Leo!

I know that Aryan gave a class recently and it was appreciated by all. He is a shy and relatively new attendee with the academy. I’m feeling so proud about the group. New life – new energy has come our way. Meanwhile, with all the energy flowing within our temple/ashram, nature is taking her course outside. It started off as a bold and hard dumping of snow, but it’s finishing as a soft wonderland.

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