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Wednesday, August 2nd, 2023

Watrous, Saskatchewan

Mahadeva, Gaurav, and I hit a trail near the healing lake of Manitou. We really enjoyed the prairie air – dry and clean. For Instagram, Mahadeva videoed me trudging along as if I was tired. At the end, I plopped myself on a humongous tire to make a joke. Few viewers got it.

We ended up at a quaint raving with a clear creek running through it. I decided to stay there while my companion went on to do chores. Well, I spent eight hours there, picnic-table hopping as a way to adjust for shade-sheltering and being outside. It was at this place of a mini paradise called Wellington Park that I met local souls on their strolls.

At one point, I opened Shyamasundar's book, Chasing Rhinos with the Swami, and chose to read, for a second time, the section on our guru, Prabhupada, speaking to Anatoly, a Russian in Moscow. Anatoly was the first in his country to respond to the message of the Vedas. Prabhupada gave him the basics from a tiny room of a stuffy hotel.

The author sums it up so well in regards to presenting succinctly the essence. "God is a person, the Supreme Person; His name is Krishna. All energies, spiritual and material, emanate from Him. Spirit is eternal; matter is temporary. You exist so Krishna can enjoy your association and service. You are a small spark of His bliss and knowledge – but because you wanted to enjoy separately, Krishna gives you a material body and the material world as your playground. Your original position is with Krishna, so use your life to go back home, back to Godhead."

Good talking points.

6 km

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