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Wednesday, September 13th, 2023

Burnaby, British Columbia

One of my main purposes in the visit to the Vancouver area was to participate in a restructuring of our admin team at the ISKCON spiritual community. That involves a reassigning of posts in the management and a welcoming in of new volunteers.

I see it like playing cards and the shuffling that it features. No cards need removing from the deck. Each one is simply moved to a different location or department. The family is one. All members are important.

Our new president is Nitai Rama, AKA Stephen Poley, born in New Brunswick. He needs no introduction for some. He's been around for awhile. Recently he just graduated in a course of counselling. That can be quite helpful when taking up a task in the service to people.


This is my second last day for my stay here in Vancouver but I'll be back next month to aiding a smooth transition. The regular practice of assessing situations is part of my portfolio as a monk in a spiritual institution. Our guru, Srila Prabhupada anticipates good governance and good integrity in the matter of management. To be a leader in any operation it requires the orchestrator to encourage teamwork and empowerment of its members otherwise one stands by him or herself.

Thank you Nitai for stepping forward, and thank you Manu for your years of service.

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