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Ravine Bound

Thursday, April 18th 2024

Brickworks, Toronto

The weather looked threatening being that clouds were about to dumb on Nityananda and I at any minute. But we didn't really care. Once you are in the ravines, headed for the rustic old brick factory, there wouldn't be a shelter, unless of course, you arrived at the facility itself. We took a chance by going down the slope at what's called “Milkman's lane". Getting wet won’t kill us and with the temperature at 14°C we were confident we are safe.

The train was one Nityananda hadn't explored before. “This is the region where my training began for long distance walking and long distance dreaming. I've seen fox playing here rolling in the snow as early as 2 am when I got hit by insomnia.” This trail at David Balfour Park, is a great escape from the urban dynamics. I pointed out at the pond where beavers have built their lodge. 

Nityananda was intrigued.

“You’ll find goldfish in these waters.” Turtles, frogs and other aquatics have their play area here. And on the land you now have coyote and deer. They’ve come back to the area.

Nityananda was telling me about when he was a kid in India the family would camp, hike and drive in the glacial fed waters. The walk, this trail bought him back down memory lane. It's these treks in the right environment that bring you closer to you know who.

Once we got up from the ravine to more ground level we came under the blossoms. We were okay. We were under the clouds too but did not feel a drop of wetness. 

5 km

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