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Updated: Mar 9

Monday, March 4th, 2024

Mayapura, West Bengal

This morning the bushes, trees and flowers all received their well-deserved nature's showers. That welcoming rain left happy plants. It also drenched our small japa walking troupe. It gave me a cold and also encouraged so many more mosquitoes to do their business.

Most everyday is the same, weather-wise but for today's moistness. And unique also was our delivery of "The Age of Kali" by way of a matinee. Students from Sridhama Mayapura Institite School filled up the Samadhi Auditorium so after several days of hard rehearsals, we finally got the chance to show-off.

Oh my God, did the students ever get blown away. After just one hour of the drama's performance duration, bear actors as celebrities. I always encourage the performances to come out and meet the public to connect with them.

We are not Hollywood or Bollywood where fans come out to see the stars. We are just a community out here in the country side offering a little entertainment and enlightenment in our own meagre way. We also see it as a service to God. The story is transformative like most dramas should or ought to be.

A merging of the actors and students.

Now, I'm not the only one that came down with some illness. Atleast 3 of the actors also got affected by weather change. The delivery of philosophy and fun in the form of a drama was enough to lift energy and spirits.

4 Km

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