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Tuesday, May 7th 2024

Sparta Lake/ Parsippany, N.J.

Haripada and I circled this lake while on our japa commitment for the morning. Peaceful it was. Spring is great. I captured a heron on my camera. I believe he thought the lake was his. Despite my gazing around and around (Haripada went off to work) this great wing-spanned creature went in flight multiple times and always landed at the lake’s edge.

Parsippany was my next place of visit but by car. The name Hiawatha keeps coming up on road sides and shop labels. Hiawatha was a chief of the Onondaga nation and founded the Iroquois Confederacy (c. 1450). He is known as the incarnation of human progress and civilization. Apparently he was very revered by his people.

Everyone needs a hero.

Anyway, I have my heroes – anyone who can survive this troubled world and come out sane and sober.

We did talk about those who succeeded. Madan Gopal's son, Madhava, came home recently and graduated from university in Michigan. I do admire our youth. They are bright and brilliant. 

Young Madhava is in the middle

The final stop for the day was at the ISKCON Temple into Towaco. Here I led Kirtan and facilitated another zoom class on the Gita's verse 7.12. In a string of verses in chapter 7, we are trained to see that Krishna releases the three Gunas, but is not controlled by their influences, rather he transcends them. That is not our position.

4 km

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