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Tuesday, November 21st, 2023

Forest Hill, Toronto

Today was the day for me to return the heart monitor which had been affixed to my chest for the last two weeks. The Toronto Medical Clinic for returning was at 826 St. Claire West. I Ubered my way there but happily trekked my way back to the ashram.


It became very evident that winter is around the corner. That was confirmed by the Uber driver. There’s now a chill and a fairly hefty wind bringing down the leaves. The afternoon brought on a cold rain which had a second shot at removing the leaves.


Our dear Prabhupada described winter in North America as “snow where it remains a piece of wood only.”


Those of us accustomed to the cyclic weather patterns can either take or leave the distinct four seasons. Naturaly in the south and particularly in Mexico, it is a different story. Personally, I am climatized and was born into these weather extremes. I rather like the dramatical changes. I find it makes one more robust, building up immunity.


“Don’t be intimidated by nature’s ways! Take it bravely! Transcend! We are not these bodies, right?”


I am reminded of the classic song, “Tuesday Afternoon” by the Moody Blues.


Tuesday afternoon / I’m just beginning to see / Now I’m on my way / It doesn’t matter to me / Chasing the clouds away / Something calls to me / The trees are drawing me near / I’ve got to find out why / Those gentle voices I hear / Explain it all with a sigh…

5 km

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