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Tuesday, March 5th, 2024

Mayapura, West Bengal

Padmanayana is a principle director at Mayapura Institute, an educational facility. He invited our drama troupe over for lunch. The setting is beautiful and is situated away from pilgrimis hustle and bustle, an eleven acre of heaven.

The whole meal is prepared from local produce. It's just another treat that makes this haven so special. Life here is more in the mode of our gurus, Prabhupada simple living. To get to the Institute is just one kilometer away from my accomodation at Gada Bhavan. You pass by the elephant pasture, the guru kula and there you are, a magnificent building of a dusty rose tint. However, the many scooters that you must dodge on the way is unpleasant. I never cared for these engines and I feel they spoil the atmosphere for the spiritual oasis of Mayapura.

The cold that had come upon me was subsiding at a fairly rapid rate. Medicines rest, liquids and keeping warm did the trick. I felt I had enough strength to visit the Bhaktisiddhanta Research Centre and its museum. It has on display many pics and articles about his achievements especially in reaching out to world scholars and to the common folk. Bhaktisiddhanta, our guru's guru, was an amazing innovator for a spiritual resonance.

In the new museum.

While I liked the displays, now the largest museum of his in the world, it lacked content and a wording for newcomers.

3 km

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Mar 12

Add mathura Vrindavan barsana to your trip also swamiji.🙏🛐

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