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Sunday, August 13th, 2023


About Sudbury, a major nickel mining centre in the world, it had a bad reputation for looking like a rocky, barren place where astronauts experimented before attempting to embark upon the moon landing. That was the rumour going around when I settled there in '72 for a school year. It was barren looking, but a major smoke stack was erected by INCO to ensure that harmful residual smoke was spread far and wide so that a regeneration of wilderness could return to the area. Jane Goodall said of this vicinity, "The re-greening of Sudbury is a shining example of why I have hope – the resilience of nature and the indomitable spirit that tackles what seems impossible and will not give up."

Kudos to nature. Sudbury is a decent place in which to live with several lakes lying in its precincts.

Two local students from India joined me on on a super walk by one of those lakes – Ramsey. Mostly though, it was another day for driving, which meant the end of a Ratha circuit. Seven Chariot Fests were covered over four provinces in the last three weeks. My lower back is about to seize up with all the road travel. Walking and some yoga stretches are keeping me from a total spasm.

I was able to reach Toronto for the Sunday Open House. My God! The crowds keep coming. It's kind of a nice problem. There is regularly an overflow of parishioners that seat themselves on the balcony. I succeeded in making it in time for a meeting to discuss the anticipated 10,000 people to visit over the course of the day on Krishna's birthday on September 6th.

4 km

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