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Tuesday, January 30th, 2024

Yorkville, Toronto

I have been in the home of the deities, Radha Gopinath, for 5 decades and when I was just in Trinidad, Longdenville, the temple there has the same name for their set of Radha Krishna deities. The name Radha, God in feminine form, refers to the most gracious goddess. The masculine God is Krishna and Krishna as Gopinath means the lord of the Gopi, in particular, the exquisite milk maiden, Radha. They are two in one. 

Whenever I travel on foot, on plane, in car, train, truck, the name I know as God is the combination of Radha and Gopinath. They fire me up devotionally. I do not carry their photo anywhere or their miniature or chota (small) form, in my suitcase for doing puja or worship as some swamis do. I carry my beads and often time props and costume for my dramas. That is enough.

In my heart in my mind, I carry my Radha Gopinath of Toronto with me. Perhaps it is the other way around - they carry me. Actually they sustain me. The facial image of Radha is the visual that is most prominent for me, especially in '74 when she was painted by a god sister, Tribhuvanesvari, who since that time struggled and died from breast cancer. As an artist she had the look down, in my opinion. There was something that she did with the eye shadow that made Radha so captivating. Well, Radha has been painted many times on her white marble face since that time, yet that visage has stayed with me all these years and gives me mental peace. She is queen! 

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