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Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Wednesday, May 31st, 2023

Toronto, Ontario

I had the good fortune to have my ‘go bro’ (godbrother), Krishnadasa, at the temple/ashram today, so we were ‘shooting the breeze’, but not speaking empty words. Our sit down together is never devoid of concern for the world and a need for higher consciousness. We shifted from one corner of the cozy basement to another, and then to Govinda's, which is the dining room on the main floor. Then he had to depart, and I shifted once again to a place of comfort and coolness (yes, the head Has suddenly arrived at 30 degrees Celsius).

I find the shifting is rather essential. It means I can connect with visitors and ashram dwellers, too. There is that need to move around, and in this meandering, one has to get those movements to lock oneself to another corner for private calls which are also important. The advantage of doing ‘musical chairs’ is to increase perceptions and to enhance seeing from different angles and different points of view.

That is what I always found beneficial in walking through different neighbourhoods, from the posh to the poor, from industrial plazas to green parks, from the urban setting to forests and farmlands. In general, movement is good. To be stagnant is stale. To be in motion is a good notion. The best nomad stays stationary for periods of time following the herd. Balance is best.

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