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Friday, May 5th, 2023

Parsippany, New York

I have it down to a daily routine. After the morning arati (service) starting at 4:30 am, known to all practitioners as the mangal (auspicious) arati, I head off to those lacrosse playing fields. I dedicate an hour or more to walking the periphery while chanting the mantra of deliverance. I watch the mist rise with the sun’s pull and hope to maybe one day spot a deer, a cute woodchuck, or even a mama bear with her cubs (they have been sited here in the past).

After the liberating trek where sports athletes will come to occupy this space, I head back to the temple where we set the deities of Nataji, Gaura Nitai, and Sita-Rama-Lakshman-Hanuman. More singing and some discussion based on the truth of the Bhagavatam ensues.

The above-mentioned deities of Krishna will have their new home in nearby Parsippany. I had the good fortune to see the new site where a big project is underway to house the deities as well as to draw the crowds for worship and mantra. It is going to take money and mantra to complete the project situated on a three-acre plot of land. That is what was implied by the temple president, Nilamani, whom I’ve known from the days that he lived in Canada. The building will have a gorgeous traditional Vedic look. It is very accessible to many roadways, including the route I took to trek the expanse of the USA in 2015 from Boston to San Francisco.

In the same Parsippany, a group of Krishna families gathered at a home of a yajna and cheer to honour the Lion Avatar.

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