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Saturday, November 25th, 2023

Holiday Inn, Mississauga

We on Day #2 with our convergence of leaders which started with a pep step, literally so. As is expected by a group of Hare Krishnas, we dance and chant. The final item on today’s agenda was the same, only the movement and sound was more invigorated – lovingly intense. Naturally, participants were enjoying it. They had been on chairs and behind desks for hours. It was time to let loose.

And it happened in the Avenue Road temple. All the better. All the merrier. All 60 of us.


In between the chanting sessions, we dwelt further on with “Lessons for Leaders” – quotes from Prabhupada. We completed discussions on the remaining quotes from I-NOTE. From the I, we extract tolerance. Be tactful and respectful in your dealings. That should be the motto of all. Be tolerant, and if there is any deficiency, then rectify it. Everything should be done on the basis of goodwill.

Then we have the following quotes:

E. Elevate & Instruct.

"Our business is to raise ourselves to the highest status of life as preachers of Krishna’s message. One should behave himself exemplary and then teach others to be exemplary."

I am grateful to the talent and sincerity that God sends me in helping our mission. 

3 km

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