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Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Saturday, March 25th, 2023

Brampton/Forest Hill, Toronto

Marching forward in the bhakti realm this morning are a group of eight wonderful people that made formal vows toward deepening their Krishna consciousness. From Stratford, Ontario, the fine couple, Jaya Gopal and Chandrika received their Gayatri mantras awarded to them for their second diksha (initiation). Six other devotees accepted their first diksha. Ambelal accepted the name Achyuta (one who cannot fall); Pavan took the name Pavitra (pure); Vignesh took the name Vijnanam (realized wisdom); Rohini took the name Gai Gaura (the singing Golden One), and Thayani accepted the name Tribhuvanesvari (the Lord who has knowledge of the three worlds).

Congratulations to all of you!

Today's weather wasn't pleasant at all, yet no one from the event in Brampton complained because they are a very sweet bunch. Rain was descending, hard and cold. On my way to the initiations, I spotted from the Gardiner Expressway a group of young men playing soccer in the field despite wet and chilly conditions. That was inspirational.

By evening, showers desisted but wind picked up. A group of four, including myself, decided to walk for exercise and the experience of a raga (mood) or rasa (mellow). Ruslan Knows no English, but made the sounds that the God of wind, Vayu, was making. He picked up all the screeches, tapping, and banging that the wind creates on more than a breezy day. He would mimic these sounds as we meandered along. It invoked the spookiness within us all. We turned monster, but then sobered up.

4 km
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