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Monday, February 19th, 2024

London/ Mumbai

Canada currently had a white cover. The U.K. has a green cover on it's land surface. Unfortunately I could not enjoy either being confined to an airport. I will not complain as long as I see air is moving. Many indoor facilities house dead air, without circulation. That is tough indeed.

When our plane Air Canada 856 in Mumbai about 20 agents, security people and like all responded to my "Hare Krishna!" We are so established in India. They know us. For what? We are erecting temples everywhere. And gorgeous deity worship also attracts the crowds.

What else?

People like our books, Prabhupada made a point that BBT, Bhaktivedanta Book Trust would produce the best books on Vedic wisdom with excellent illustrations. How important is the preservation of the eastern thought, Vedics knowledge? Very important! Let us from the least offer our respects to sadhus, holy people who hold it in place.

Another contribution made by the Hare Krishnas is the distribution of prasadam, sacred food. Most importantly is the delivery of prasadam to various schools across India. There's more. The main point is that the people of India are most inclined towards devotion. Some people call India the cradle of civilization.

While waiting at the Gate B49 destined for Kolkata, I met Bhupinder, a photographer from Himacala. A real gentleman. He does weddings all over India with his camera.

Gate B49-Bhupinder

"Which part of India is the best, north, south, east or west?" I asked him.

"All is the best!"

That's what I find about people from India. They are optimists.

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