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Updated: Mar 15

Monday, March 11th, 2024

Mayapura, West Bengal

When I delivered the class yesterday and cited an incident of my U.S. walk one of the young listeners who caught the pastime told her Mom over the broadcast, "I know that one." In fact her mother was saying that her daughter has been reading, "The Saffron Path" quite thoroughly. I'm glad to know that the book I wrote as bridge material is having some impact. A younger generation is enjoying its contents.

I donated a copy to the local gurukula school, "The Bhaktivedanta Academy School." I was invited to help the students of 50 boys with dramatical delivery, a crash course, or a workshop on thespian skills. Some of the students have been taken by their parents to see our "Age of Kali" production. One student mentioned, "I've gone 5 times. I really like it."

Boy's School drama workshop.

So there we have it - a drama that really attracts because it is a presentation of the real world, making it relevant.

This evening was our second last performance in Mayapura before we move on to Delhi and Noida. People have been asking how to obtain a copy of this. This evening a film-maker of the name Pradyumna of "I have Mayapura", came before opening our doors to the public to set up his 4 cameras to record the production that's getting tweaked each time we act on the stage. Let's see what results come of it. In 1977 when it was first presented by the New York Vaikuntha players it wasn't filmed. Of course, that would have been a major cost at that time. It would be a shame to not record something now that in 50 years you could enjoy for posterity sake.

Meeting with Gopal Krishna Goswami.

7 km

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