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Thursday, February 22nd, 2024

Mayapura, West Bengal

It is the day of Nityananda, closest associate of Chaitanya, and both were dispatchers of the Kirtan culture. I felt very surcharged this particular day beginning with the pre-dawn hours at 3am.

On my way to the Samadhi of our dear Prabhupada everything was rather quiet until I heard the rickety sound of a bicycle approaching from behind. It came closer and closer until the driver passed by - an older woman all in white.

Dry leaves fallen from the Kadambha tree were scraping across the trail making that very natural scratching noise. Finally, I arrived at the Samadhi. I was asked to lead the chanting. The atmosphere was beautiful.

I had the pleasure to take some of our actors/players to the location where Chaitanya and Nityananda first met five centuries ago. These actors are altogether for a real treat. Rehearsals are sweet. It's hard work though while enough time is given for rest and worship.

You should have seen and experienced the events of abhisheka and flower or puspa ceremony. Where do all these flower petals come, from? From the local fields, of course. It's definitely not like Canada. Winter here is ended and there's always going to be something growing in the fertile plains of West Bengal near the Ganges.

Flower Abhisheka

On this day Nityananda is well served.

6 km

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