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Updated: May 25

Friday, May 17th 2024

243 Avenue Rd., Toronto

Well, it finally happened. Dwarkanatha, our superb cook, tied the knot in marriage with his devotee fiance, Mandira. I have seen a good number of couples taking form over the years and I believe they are a really good fit.

What makes a couple become successful is when they approach that relationship in the spirit of giving, sacrifice or what you call in Sanskrit, Yajna. You just can't be selfish. Looking out for each other is just the thing to do and in that mindset and methodology the couple stands a good chance on making it work.

Now, I've known Dwarkanatha, a native of Bangladesh, ever since he stepped his foot in the door, let's say 5 or 6 years ago. He is quite the extraordinary person - apolitical, gentle, strong, and a great musician on sitar and mrdunga, helpful, and the greatest cook in both eastern and western cuisine. He's got a great smile and is a doer and works hard.

His set partner, Mandira, also from the same country, I know less, but she's been a resident of Halifax, and has come to join him in Toronto and be a good part of the Krishna mission.

I have high hopes that their participation in service to each other and to the community will continue to offer inspiration to others.

When the vows were made to each other, the Kirtan sounds appear to deepen the mood of commitment. All attendees, blessers of the couple, really enjoyed the meal. I asked Dwarkanatha who cooked the meal.

"Dwarkanatha" he said calmly. All success on your journey, you two!

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