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Monday, July 24th, 2023

Calgary, Alberta


On US Mount Rainier flows a majestic waterfall

Dropping a steep 188 feet by a gorgeous rock wall

It commemorates a celebrated eastern mystic

Who connects to the cosmos and all that's holistic

His name is Narada and he's so novel

Unconventional in behaviour yet a real role model

At times he may come across as eccentric

But in reality he is most authentic

He moves with heart subtly through all atmospheres

In the heavens, middle, and lower regions he appears

Covering a spectrum like a rainbow's colours

To offer his benevolence like no other

In his otherworldliness he'll dispatch a message

In a manner where there's no time wastage

Once he accepted a curse to be brief with his visit

Much like some high-speed come-and-go bullet

A straight shooter, honest, concise, to the point

By some he's received well, others are annoyed

For the truth is not always easy to swallow

So some reject him while others will follow

He alerted the tyrannical king called Kams

"The enemy gods in space are making their advance"

And he told a prince, Prahlad, while in mother's womb

That life is not merely a place to consume

His looks are appealing, poised like a staunch yogi

With attire – a solid saffron – not fit for matrimony

He bears a top knot increasing his height

And a stringed vina he plays adding to sound and sight

Narada is a sage of extraordinary calibre

Who lives in peace, harmony, and is practically infallible

He always sings a song of mantra power

Sharing it in ecstacy, sweetly, from soft to louder

- By Bhaktimarga Swami

4 km

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Very well done!

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