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Friday, August 11th, 2023

Marathon/Sault Ste. Marie

I rose earlier than the rest of the gang. This way I get my rounds of japa in for chanting the maha mantra. I made my way to Pebble Beach in Marathon. A red fox walked parallel to me on the trail next to mine in the woods. A local man came on the trail the fox was on. The fox was not for meditation, but for food. He put his snout to the ankle of the man who then kicked the animal away.

Back at the hotel where we stayed and began loading the vehicle, out came Rene, a cyclist. He started his journey from British Columbia and was making his way to Cape Breton, the east coast. I told him of my adventures on foot. It was interesting to find out that the just changed his timres two days bevfiore. Apparently the od ones were worn down mostly on on one side. That struck a fmailiar chord. I told him of my experience with the slant on the road's shoulder. That is the highway dynamic. Whether you walk, run, or ride on that slant, some damage will get done.

It's always uplifting to meet a daredevil traveller, and Rene is one of them. I wished him well while our party was ready to embark on our journey via an automobile. At the town of White River, the actual birth place of the original Winnie the Pooh, the care needed charging, so I set foot on the Trans Canada Highway, putting on some more kilometres as a pedestrian. I saw no bears, but when finally we arrived in Sault Ste. Marie, it became confirmed that we are in black bear country. Our accommodation for the evening was the campus at Sault College, and on the entrance door was a sign, "CAUTION - BEARS SEEN ON CAMPUS."

A few days ago, Mama bear made her way to the dumpster on the college grounds. Ravi, our host, informed us to be on the lookout because she had her cubs with her. Ravi secured a lounge for us wherein we held our kirtan and book launch before some really nice students. Good questions. All were satisfied.

8 km

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