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Thursday, June 6th 2024

St John, New Brunswick

Off to the east we go. Nityananda and I embarked on a flight to Fredericton and then a car ride, compliments of Vyas. It was a year ago that this man of good company took diksha or initiation and he is doing well as the co-ordinator for the local Krishna community. He drove us to the city of St. John and the Irving Nature Park for a 7 kilometre coastline trail walk.

As soon as we hit that lovely trail our nostrils were aroused with effervescent fragrances of soft wood trees and wild flowers. Who could ask for anything more with that additional salt air off the Atlantic. So, this promenade then becomes, I hope a routine for our Maritime stay until the 16th when we return home. At this trip's culmination there will be a Halifax Chariot Fest.

At the entrance of the trail was Nakula, a coach for men, who didn't need to coax us for the up-and-down ways of a path. We were all for a path bath, or rather a forest bath. After many steps and many words of conversation, and with only a lonely mosquito to pester us, it was now-time for zoom Gita chat with my Thursday crew. Different to the norm was my plopping down on sandy beach as we focused on beginning verse of chapter 18, which means we are coasting along with our studies on the ancient text known to many as "God's Song."

This chat was followed by coach Nakula on his podcast for men on the topic of brahmachari and the ways of celibacy versus the very active over-sexualization of our modern world. The topic is indeed stimulating.

8 km

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