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Wednesday, January 17th, 2024

Nickerie, Suriname

The waiting game just doesn’t end. Rama Lila and I arrived at the ferry docks at the Corantijn River which borders Guyana and Suriname. The wait was four hours. My lower back was getting stiff from lack of leg movement. That will change once we get settled on the other side of the river.


But you know, Krishna has His plan. I had the pleasure to spend those hours with an intelligent, benevolent, practical human being. Rama Lila is now fifty-nine. He’s been a successful accountant in Toronto. His son, at eighteen, is doing quite good at his dad’s business. His wife is trusting. So, I asked him, “What now? You have enjoyed and lived a good family life in addition to your devotions. What can you do to help the mission of Krishna consciousness? It could use your experience and integrity.”


Rama Lila did think deeply. It had been gnawing at him, even before my questioning, as to how he can put his energy to a now good place. I think the good air from the convergence of ocean and river assisted in the pondering moments.


Finally, all the bottleneck and stiffness of this trip was dissolved once Rama Lila and I hit the pavement, or rather the inter-lock highway. Truly it was liberating. It was also most encouraging to see the reactions of the people in their yards, and their cars, people from their decks, waving their hands and smiling at a couple of not normal guys dressed in serious monk attire. That was our experience. But after two and a half hours on that coastal road, the mosquitoes terminated our short trek. 


By the way, we are dedicating this walk to the Lord Rama.

11 km

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