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Saturday, February 3rd, 2024

Deland, Florida

Being the only swami here at the medical retreat puts some living pressure on for presentations. No problem. Let there be some space in between those deliveries. My list for today was 1) lead kirtan for guru puja (honouring our teacher, Prabhupada), 2) conduct a Bhagavatam class, 3) do a book launch on "The Saffron Path", 4) conduct a chants-dance session, 5) lead Kirtan for the evening camp fire. 

Fine, all were achieved. And with spaces in between I made myself available for people. Mind you, there were marvelous presentations by well educated doctors, all rather polished devotees of Krishna. Topics ranged from fasting, factors of practice burn out, plant-based diet to being a devotee doctor. These talks were very stimulating. 

I was also happy to see and eat healthy prasadam, blessed food, nothing too elaborate, what might be expected of a meal meant for medical folks. Delicious! The point should be made. A person's intake affect one's spirit. 

Our enlightened group sat, listened, spoke, ate and also walked. Yes, there's a modest trail for walking along the lake. Can you swim in these waters? Well, most Floridians will tell you not to trust any inland bodies of water, You've got alligators here. For swimming use the Atlantic. 

The land here at the retreat centre here in DeLand is primarily sandy which is somewhat conducive to fruit trees. I wanted to explore the sandy road with tropical trees in either side. There are some clearings which are grazing areas for cows and deer. The sun was down now. I just needed to watch my steps. This is alligator country.

4 km

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