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Wednesday, December 20th, 2023

Rosedale, Toronto

We have begun our drama practices for performing “Witness Gopal” in Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto. One of our cast members is Jagannatha, origin—Ukraine, but who lived in Israel, and became my walking partner in that country. We were trekking along the Mediterranean, and when we reached the Gaza Strip, we decided to change direction. It was good that we did because on that day of the anticipated trek through Gaza, a bomb was released, killing nine people. 


Close call!


Jagannatha was telling me about his twelve-year-old son, Nimai, during our practice. 


“He is doing good in school and also going to the Air Cadets. By eighteen, he’ll be a pilot.”


Jagannatha was speaking like a proud father and admitted that his son’s life is busy enough, and is minimal at the computer. 


“Not much time for scrolling.”


I couldn’t agree with him more that discipline is good for young men. It prepares them for responsibility in a harsh world. For young boys, martial arts, cadets, perhaps later the forces, or ashram training are all good for harnessing hormonal power.


I remembered Nimai from years before, climbing the walls as a young whippersnapper. It was childish frivolity but has become redirected in a positive manner.


When the practice was completed, I ventured off with Navi and Arpan, doing our discipline, walking off calories and karma.

5 km

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