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Friday, February 2nd, 2024

Nasa, Florida

Regardless of where I am in my travels my bare minimum standard for adherence to any morning sadhana is chanting on my meditation(Japa) beads. It was indeed a restful stay in Sanford and I awoke with seeing the sun through the half-open window blinds. The sun is always a plus. He is hard to come by in the winter up north in Canada. 

I understand fully why Canadians, known by Americans as "snow birds", hit Florida beaches and other attractions during January to March. From a walker's perspective it makes total sense. Come to Florida in the winter and a new definition of heat is experienced. Check out 2.14 from the Gita. 

Before reaching DeLand a bulk of my time was spent in Nasa and not the space apparatus but the Quality Inn, run and operated by the Patels from Canada. Jaye Gopal treated us to a gorgeous trail. It is quite typical in the Floridian forests. We drove through everglade - like marsh prior to Nasa. By the way I will confess to taking so little interest in the space missions of the 20th and now 21st centuries. I'm one of those radicals that believed we do all we can to do major repair and proper stewarding of our own precious planet before tampering with others. 

Our final destination for the day was a city of 40,000, DeLand, and more particularly a rural 110-acre plot with buildings, and old Boy Scouts facility. This is the venue for the annual Bhaktivedanta Medical Association conference. There was a beautiful welcoming committee for the visitor. 

3 km

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