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Wednesday, November 29th, 2023


From what I can see, Cubans are readers. After Ganganath and I took our dip in the ocean (a 30 min. one when we chanted our morning mantras), we met some workers. The first one was a painter, friendly as you can get. His warm-heatedness earned him our gift of the Bhagavad Gita. The second recipient was another local Cuban, with tools in his hands. This guy had torquoise eyes like the colour of the water we were in and had a build like warrior Arjuna. Was he ever overwelwhelmed by the beautiful book in Spanish when placed in the hand he made free.

Our evening venue for speaking about “collective karma” was in a reiki master’s facility which included a work-out gym. The proprietor, Fernando, pointed out to a picture of his own reiki master from the Orient.

I began my talk quoting 2.27 from the Gita on the theme of “where there’s birth, there’s death and where there’s death there’s brith.” The cycle goes on. The good thing about the spin is that if you keep to dharma, duty, you will escalate, evolve, and work your way out of the circle to reach the freedom called moksha. 

Ganganath, whose parents came from Havana and were thrilled to see him after eleven years of being away from home, was an excellent excellent translator to my words. He even went on some tangents, but that was okay he was speaking the language of a thoughtful audience that likes to read with a greed. Bhagavad Gita came to their eager hands. They were serious about expressing their desire to read as they do so already. 

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