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Thursday, April 4th, 2024

Belle Mare, Mauritius

Our program repeated itself this morning - an early drive to the beach for that essential walk at Belle Mare. We stuck to our Japa and were free of the very common, as of late, torrential rains. They went on and off most of the night, but the great lord of rain, Indra, gave us a break.

There are many stay dogs in Mauritius many of which breed in the sugar cane fields. And Belle More has a shore of such dogs. We were left alone by their agitation at least this morning.

What about the sea? Any pests there? Well, as my companions reported, one shark in the area found a break in the barrier reef, and killed a man recently. Where is safety in this world? 

Fearlessly our walking crew dared the waters. They are pristine waters. We went at our guru worship in liquid-beauty, and then our game of “Hari Ball.”

We made friends with a Viet Nam fellow, on work contract, and also reunited with Sundar Chaitanya Swami for some Katha and breakfast. And like the previous day, rains come in plenty just as we were departing, Timing was impeccable. 

In the town where I sat, Central Flacq, I was hosted at the residence, a tiny dwelling for a walk and so we used as a platform to speak from 18.78 from the Gita. It never ceases to amaze me how many people can pack into a tight space but maintain an enthusiasm for sacred chats. I heard from locals of the rise in theft, drug consumption, crime in general on this island. There is this other side of the culture that offers some hope. 

5 Km

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