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Sunday, July 16th, 2023

Centre Island, Toronto

It truly was a divine experience. After a few good batches of rain, the air got cleared on Centre Island as well as the mainland. I had noticed on the previous day the grass that was trampled on by the 50,000 or so attendees at a concentrated area of the Festival of India. The humbled blades of green reminded me of one of the revealing words of monk, Chaitanya, who said, “Be meek like the grass.” Good instruction as humility becomes the basis for success in life.

While I relished the reminder by looking at the vicinity of my walking feet, I also glared up at the sky and trees that offered shade. It was a relief to see that above space especially after two intense days of people.

Rajasuya from Brampton and his bhakti brahmin buddies, Dharma and Rasaraja, and loving partner, Surabhi, set up the havan for a small fire sacrifice upon the humbled grass. Mahapurna, the bluesy bhakti band, Provided mantra power. Such a sublime sound! This was the occasion of a dikhsa (initiation) ceremony. Four new initiates and a second diksha person, Srivatsa, sat by the fire and made their vows this morning. The event triggered so much interest and drew a crowd. Congrats to Nityananda, Nara Narayan, Krishna Kala, Anasuya.

I spoke from 7.16 of the Bhagavad-gita, a verse which addresses piety among people. Not all persons of our modern world fit into that category, not like the era of the past such as Satya Yuga, but we can all endeavour to copy the good past and try to repeatedly play out the mistakes of modernity.


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