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Wednesday, November 1st, 2023

Toronto, Ontario

I'm back home and after a 16-hour flight direct from Delhi, I felt the need for rest, a shower, and a walk. These are the steps I take to ground myself after a long airy journey. It works. The rest addresses the fatigue the body goes through. The shower counters dryness. Finally, the walk literally gets the feet on the ground and in the ravine where you have dirt on both sides, and plenty of autumn trees.

The squirrels rustle through those moistureless leaves – the type of leaves that hiss when a breeze lifts them up in a mini-tornado dynamic. It's fun.

How about coming up to a pumpkin! Now that Hallowe'en is over, some of these Jack-O-Lanterns are out for garbage pickup. The one Jagatma and I spotted was a real whopper – hard to roll. Neither of us even tried. This one could easily produce several pies. Yes, pumpkin pie – one of the best deserts around. When I was recently in France, the devotees baked one. Delicious, and especially tasty when offered to Krishna.


Yes, I'm back and ready for action at home base. Service never stops and I've reconvened with planning, counselling, and of course, walking.

I admit to being very troubled by the agitation in Israel and the Gaza Strip. There is, indeed, so much hate in the world. The cause? To put it simply, hatchets that can't seem to be buried from a bad taste in relations. Some people can't resolve old disputes that arise from the bodily platform.

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