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Thursday, August 24th, 2023

The Annex, Toronto

When I travel I am asked by the host of my destination, "What do you like to eat?" So, for the record, I am an asparagus freak. Only three minutes to boil a batch, remove them and add some olive oil and sprinkle salt and pepper. That's the way our ashram cook, Dwarkanath, prepares it when it's around.

I go to the kitchen to pay him a visit, give a hug, and receive one. Just two days ago he said he had a batch of those delicious greens for me. I concurred. "I'll take them." He came back to me five minutes later only to find that they were taken, for whom, I don't know. For Krishna, I hope.

Oh well, next time, I thought. That night at midnight, a massive food truck pulled up in front of a restaurant nearby. On its side panel wall was a massive image of asparagus. It was a teaser for sure, and a lesson in detachment.

Detachment builds character, GOOD character. Today I received a call from someone who was experiencing a low ebb with some dark thoughts. I offered some practical tips.

  1. Pray to guru and God for strength.

  2. Take that walk on the trail by the trees.

  3. Chant on those beads.

  4. Call one of your optimist friends.

  5. Have a good look and peer at the clear sky,

I hope it helps.

An additional message:

More important than trying to look physically good is to have GOOD character.

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