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Sunday, November 19th, 2023


When it’s just above the freezing mark it is tolerable, even pleasant, to venture outside without a coat, provided I just keep going. That’s when the blood keeps running. Between visits to the two S’s, Scarborough and Stouffeville communities, Bhaktivinod, my driver, and I managed to get some more walking in; now with a bit of bite to the wind. We decided coats were necessary.

Near the tobogganing hill of Stouffeville’s downtown park, we explored a new ravine – new for us. And like all tucked away green urban spaces, you’ll find at least one or more homeless inhabitant. A rather state-of-the-art tent made its way to that foresty place next to a bridge. Some of the trees were spray painted with messages like “leave” and “run,” something that’s irritable for me. Okay, so you’re living in the green. Why not keep it clean?

It’s such an interesting phenomenon – the homelessness. When growing up as a kid we rarely saw this. I guess people are just being pushed to the edge more than ever before.

Meanwhile, visiting the two communities was just a beautiful experience, when we took the opportunity to speak from the Gita, the book that is forever with me in vibration. Let us say that there are verses from this treasure house that guide me, thank God.

Incidentally, today is the day that the Prabhupada Book Marathon begins. Please enjoy the video, “Books Are the Basis.”

3 km

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