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Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Saturday, June 10th, 2023

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Stepping into the Vedanta Ashram Society was a flashback to the time that the community here gave some accommodation to me and my two compadres, Madhai and Brian, when we came through Halifax on that first cross-Canada marathon walk. That was a quiet time, but today, the space was busy teeming with energy. The community, which is growing, collaborated with our group of Krishna followers to commemorate the coming Rath festival. At this occasion, the ecstatic wood image of Krishna (Jagannatha) was placed on the temple's shrine to join with the host of avatars established there. Naturally, there was kirtan chanting, and it was very much liked.

Also with interest, was my talk about Jagannath and all I could dredge my memory on the topic of this jovial and smiling deity.

My second engagement was held at a Quinnpool yoga studio, and the audience was more of a western crowd, and justice enthusiastic about the chanting sweetly conducted by Mangalananda and Ratri. The message this time had less to do with deities (I don't recall even mentioning anything about imagery), but it was more about consciousness and elevation.

Adam was amongst the people who came, and it was my second time meeting him. His exposure to anything akin to Vedic thought was Ramdas, and I found this author to be mayavad influenced. “We are not God,” All right I explained. “We are a small speck as humble contributors to the Universe.”

Both groups really relished the chanting and the accompanying dance.

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