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Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Wednesday, September 27th, 2023

Bloor St., Toronto

I was walking northbound and I saw a man literally litter by throwing an empty beverage can to the side, but on the street. He saw that I was watching him. His look was candid (no pun intended). No, actually he had a look of guilt on his face, especially when I spoke.

"Did you really feel you had to do that? Couldn't you just throw the can in the nearby bin?" As I said that, I pointed out to where I thought there was a municipal place for garbage, but as I looked ahead, I didn't see such a throw out bin.

The man with an Eastern European accent, and who appeared half guilty and half justified in what he did, gave a slight shake of the head and said, "People keep throwing their stuff in front of my store."

There, I saw he runs a store, part confectionary and part electronics, from what I could tell. I decided to terminate questioning him and just kept walking. It was getting late, but I do hope that the man thinks twice before he tosses refuse in the air and contributing to the mode of ignorance.

I thought about the incident more and queried myself as to whether I had done the absolute best in my response. On record, though, I felt I could have done better – maybe step backwards and pick up the can, carry it, and dispose of it at the earliest opportunity. I felt good about challenging the man, but could have gone a bit further in keeping Krishna's world cleaner.

So often we dismiss opportunities and say, "That's not my job!"

TSK! TSK! I'm guilty! I'm sorry, Krishna!

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Nima Singh
Nima Singh
29 sept. 2023


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