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Monday, July 3rd, 2023

Ottawa/Toronto/Washington, D.C.

I struck it lucky with a full straight 7-hour rest in a cuddly corner of Ottawa. My hosts, Sreyas and family, offered Indian hospitality in a quiet Canadian suburb.

Sreyas and I determined that we would take to the trail along the Ottawa River, but first a zoom call from 6 to 7 AM with our local bhakti group on the subject of Dhruva. Dhruva Was one of those heroic princes who sought revenge on an abusive stepmother, and while in his yogic process for achieving power, he became purged and shifted away from any animosity. It is always the great story when an individual can overcome his/her human frailties.


Now, Time for the amble along the river. Being an extended weekend, this day with its additional sunshine, brought out the best in people. We met up with Priyam at another beach along the way, and spontaneously decided on a swim. No shyness to the water on such a sweet day. We marvelled in the fact that we could relish safe and clean waters in one of the 900,000 lakes the country has to offer. As mentioned before, no salt, no sharks, no sweat.


The three of us committed ourselves to the 16 rounds of chanting on our individual japa beads, and that was done partially while standing waist deep in the water. This was merely a version of fun in the sun, and a bit of H2O.

By 2:00 PM I arrived at the airport for my second attempt at getting to Washington to catch up with the Krishna Youth Bus Tour. Unfortunately, my flight was again delayed, and gates switched more than once. To be honest, walking is still the best means of transportation. Travelling, in general, never was easy.

7 km
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